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A Brief Introduction to the Legacy Museum: The Alliance of HBCU Museums & Galleries

Princeton Art Museum Partnership with HBCUs

Princeton art museum partners with historically black colleges in art leadership program

Students and faculty from HBCUs participated in the inaugural Curation, Leadership, Artistry and Practice Program designed to help increase diversity in the art leadership field. This story captures their reflections on the experience. Pictured: Curator Mitra Abbaspour (foreground right) and I discussed the challenging yet rewarding responsibility of shaping art experiences that build community. Exhibitions cannot tell all of our stories at one time. Abbaspour’s exhibition “The Figure Abstracted” examines how artists’ abstract explorations of the human body reveal places of intersection and shared experiences. It is where these communal points occur synergy and inclusion are fostered. Caption by Anne Collins Smith, left foreground, curator of collections, Spelman College Museum of Fine Art

Yale's Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Partners with HBCUs

Patience and a steady hand: Increasing diversity in art conservation
By Mike Cummings June 11, 2019

Fifteen scholars from historically black colleges and universities came to Yale for a weeklong program intended to introduce them to the field of art conservation and preservation with the aim of increasing diversity in the profession. (Photo credit: Jessica Smolinski)